Instead of conventional sling loops, which are first tied to the rifle buttstock and then to the body armor, the no-hassle Bushido Tactical Sling Loop is made from Mil-Spec webbing to prevent the loop from collapsing and is reversible for any side shooter. It fits Colt, LMT SOPMOD, Vltor and CTR-style stocks and is available in black, OD green and coyote tan for fixed or QD models. Learn more at

Featuring the world’s first hands-free/eye-free two-way translation system for conflict situation use, ECTACO’s SpeechGuard GI-5 allows you to issue commands by speaking into the device in English and instantly getting a pronounced translation in the language of your choice.  It also features full text translation when typing a word or sentence in a pre-loaded language and an audio player/voice recorder to play or record MP3 files of conversations for future reference. Learn more at

The Severe Tactical Use shoulder holster is made for all large frame autopistols. It’s the only all-leather shoulder holster and harness that is 99.9 percent resistant to salt water, river algae, mud, sand, crime scene splatter or any fluids that may come in contact with it during tough take-downs. Made from Lawman’s exclusive “Element 119” black leather, it is fully washable with anti-bacterial liquid. Because of Lawman’s swivel feature, this harness fits under your off-gun arm without any discomfort. See it at

Loyalists of the 9mm Hi-Power will appreciate Browning’s newest finish to this classic line: Digital green camouflage. You can still enjoy the same features of this 13-shot single-action pistol with its low profile fixed sights and new receiver and steel slide in a robust, tactical look! Check it out at

cohort-vest.jpgCOHORT-1 TAC VEST
In combat and security operations, body armor performance is critical in life-or-death situations. Used over a two-week period with U.S. Army special operations troops, the COHORT-1 Tac Vest was positively noted for its comfort, simplicity, size and durability. Its features include a MOLLE arrangement for a full single-stack magazine load-out on the main panel, wide adjustability range, oversize shoulder straps, rear and side ESAPI/ESABI plate pouches and no-joke pull handles. Check it out at

Law enforcement personnel can now enter a hostile fire zone quickly and safely with SSV’s MAD (Mobile Armored Device. Designed to enter buildings through standard door openings and sized for elevator use, MAD protects the officer while providing visibility in all directions and is equipped with five gun ports for complete counter fire coverage. Effective against 148-grain 7.62mm FMJ at 2750 fps as well as threat Levels I, IIA, II and IIIA. For more info, go to

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