Designed at the request of law enforcement to outfit AR rifles with 20-inch long barrels, the DoubleStar DS-420 Handguard consists of a 4-rail MIL-SPEC Picatinny system, and has a unique oval shape that fits both large and small-handed shooters. The full 12 inches of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum offers a tremendous weight advantage and strength to the folks in uniform, and its universal system enables an operator to mount a variety of tactical accessories to the forearm of the rifle. Order it at or call 1-888-736-7725.

The Wilson Combat SPEC OPS 9 pistol is a new 29.7-ounce polymer-frame 1911 that sports a 4.5-inch barrel with 16 + 1 rounds of 9mm firepower. This lightweight pistol has a proven fire control system that meets the demands of both duty use and concealed carry. Features include an extended tactical thumb safety, Wilson’s custom three-hole trigger and a flared magazine well. Get your hands on a SPEC OPS 9 for $1995 at or by calling 800-955-4856.

TACM 3’s HellRazer provides operators with an illumination device that also serves as a formidable impact weapon. Manufactured by a state-of-the-art CNC lathe and given an aggressively serrated front lens assembly, this flashlight is capable of delivering lethal force injuries in an unexpected deadly force situation.  The push-button end cap switch has been recessed to prevent unintentional activation of the focused 105.5-lumen beam of blinding white light. By incorporating grooves reminiscent of the tried and true Marine Corps fighting knife, this $138.38 flashlight ensures a no-slip grip for operators. Check it out at

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