Blackhawk Women’s Duty Uniform Line: New this year from the company is a line of women’s duty/tactical, off-duty options and active wear clothing. Rather than going the easy route and simply altering men’s clothing to smaller sizes, Blackhawk has developed all new garments that are cut, fit and designed especially for the female body. (800-694-5263,


Brite-Strike Expandable Baton with Integrated Light: New from Brite-Strike Tactical Illumination Products, Inc., is this expandable thermoplastic baton with an integrated 170-lumen light. The light is operated by the “Tactical Touch Switch” that allows users to switch from high to low to strobe with a light press of a thumb or finger. The result is a combination weapon that can go from a duty light to a compliance tool in an instant. (508-746-8701,


ReconRobotics Throwbot: The “Throwbot” is a 1.2-pound, self-propelled, robotic camera unit that can be tossed into an incident scene by LE officers to provide immediate situational awareness and greater standoff distance. The OCU (operational control unit) can be used with one hand, and its joystick and video screen are in the same field of view for easy manipulation. Each Scout has a two-axis gyro for better control and the flexible antennae let the unit pass beneath a 4.5-inch high opening. (866-697-6267 x111,

Otis Technologies AR Cleaning Kit: Otis’ new MSR/AR Cleaning System builds on the strengths of the company’s popular portable cleaning kit systems by adding the BONE Tool and Mongoose G2 combo swab and brush. The BONE (Bolt Operational Necessary Equipment) Tool is specifically designed to clean the inside of the bolt carrier. The Mongoose G2 reduces the need to use patches in addition to a bore brush by combining the two into a half-brush/half-swab hybrid. (800-684-7486,

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