The next time you and your team go on a call-out that may have high obstacles to overcome, your gear will be complete only if the Tactical Ladder from the Little Giant Ladder Systems Company tags along for the ride. The Little Giant Tactical Ladder is a critical tool for S.W.A.T. teams and operators whose work often happens at night and in low-light areas. Its subdued black surface gives officers access to board vessels, enter windows, and insert snipers. Adjusting into 24 different positions, the Tactical Ladder is a problem-solver, combining Little Giant’s technology for versatility with a design that supports clandestine operations.  Specs to consider: duty rated at 300 pounds, made of aircraft-grade 6005-T5 aluminum, and the Tactical Ladder deploys in 1-foot increments as an A-frame, extension ladder, 90-degree ladder, or staircase ladder. For more information:; (800) 453-1192.

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