TACTICAL-LIFE.COM‘s weekly auctions of the newest TACTICAL PRODUCTS commence Sept. 8th.

All proceeds will be donated to LE Officer training and will honor fallen officers through ILEETA’s Trinity of Dedication (*ILEETA, NLEOMF, and the ILEETA Scholarship Fund). Expect the newest products released (some not yet announced to the public) to be available to the highest bidder through the Trinity of Dedication Auctions.

All proceeds go to a great not-for-profit that honors life and prevents death- if that’s not a good cause, we’re not sure what is. product auctions will be emailed to you through our weekly newsletters, and the auctions will be listed on

TACTICAL-LIFE.COM celebrates its partnership with the ILEETA Trinity of Dedication, which consists of ILEETA (International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association), NLEOMF (National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund), and the ILEETA Scholarship Fund. The Trinity is a dedication of ILEETA’s focus to NLEOMF and ILEETA’s Scholarship Fund.

All money raised is evenly split between NLEOMF and ILEETA’s Scholarship Fund, which pays for “Train The Trainer” programs. There are no administrative costs or overhead, which allows for a full donation of all moneys raised. Training instructors also maximize the training dollar, since trainers can share their knowledge or skills with all officers.

By supporting the Trinity, you allow ILEETA to continue to honor fallen officers’ lives and prevent deaths of LE officers in the line of duty. Let’s allow the best possible training tactics be taught to the LE Trainers who train U.S. Police- these guys deserve every advantage available to them. Bid high and bid often!

ileeta.gifnleomf.gifKeep safe,

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TACTICAL-LIFE.COM's weekly auctions of the newest TACTICAL PRODUCTS commence Sept. 8th. All proceeds will…