Study any occupation and you will notice certain “tools of the trade.” A carpenter has his hammer and a mariner will stake his life on his compass. Ask any professional and he will tell you that for the best results, use the best tools available. If your occupation is law enforcement or the military, firearms are some of the basic tools of the trade and for several years Nighthawk Customs have been a supplier known for their quality. They have turned out some of the best 1911 pistols and tactical shotguns that could be found in the marketplace. Anyone who appreciates fine machinery would consider Nighthawk’s 1911 models as pieces of art and their quality is unquestionable.

nighthawk21Nighthawk has also been a sponsor of the International Sniper Competition at Fort Benning, Georgia. This exposure to the best snipers in the world gave them valuable information for their next venture, the Nighthawk Tactical Rifle. If you want to make the perfect rifle, study the men that can make the perfect shot. They will let you know what works and what doesn’t.

Gun Details
At first glance it is hard to know where to start the description of this rifle. From one end to the other, the Nighthawk Tactical Rifle is custom built from the ground up for strength and precision. I have always considered the action to be the heart of any rifle and Nighthawk manufactures their actions using a single block of 4140 chrome-moly steel. To reduce stress and enable closer tolerances, all actions are heat treated prior to machining. The recoil lug is pinned and machined with a slight 3-degree taper to ease removal from a bedded stock. The bolt release is a push button found on the left rear of the action. To finish off the action, the bolt body is machined from a solid block of carbon steel, helical fluted and capped with an oversized bolt handle.

Nighthawk currently offers two versions of their tactical rifle actions. One with an integral Picatinny rail machined with the action and another that accepts a bolt-on rail. The bolt-on model comes with either a zero degree rise (as in the case of the test sample) or with a 20 MOA model to increase scope capabilities for longer ranges.

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Study any occupation and you will notice certain “tools of the trade.” A carpenter…