Any car with four wheels and an engine can get you from point A to point B. Though this is may certainly be true, I doubt that Jeff Gordon will be switching to a Toyota Prius for the next race at Talladega. Sometimes performance truly matters.

nighthawk2When it comes to precision shooting at distance, performance definitely matters. Yes, there are certainly numerous quality factory guns available and for many shooters they will get the job done. However, factory produced rifles only take you so far. There are many precision marksmen out there that require much more than a standard tool, and their rifle needs to be a top performer.

The guys at Nighthawk Custom know what that means. They have been building high-end custom pistols for years now. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a few different models and never found them lacking in performance or aesthetics. Nighthawk’s newest venture is a line of tactical rifles. Specifically, they are building precision bolt-action rifles with high-end performance in mind.

About The Gun
When it comes to building a precision rifle, the first item on the shopping list is the action. Rather that simply copy what had been made before, Nighthawk decided to use the new Surgeon Rifles custom action. The Surgeon action is constructed of aircraft grade aluminum with a detachable magazine floorplate. A 5-round magazine feeds the bolt action. The spiral cut bolt and large bolt handle are built for durability.

Atop the action is a 20-MOA (minute of angle) Mil-Std-1913 Picatinny rail that is an integral part of the action itself, not an afterthought. On the left side of the action you will find the bolt release bar and on the right side you will find the manual safety.

Some might argue over the ranking of the next two components, the barrel and the trigger. Without a good barrel a rifle is little more than a noisemaker. However without a good trigger, even the best barrel in the world won’t reach its full potential. On this rifle both are “Grade A.”

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