Recognizing the popularity of AR rifles, Nikon has developed a new line of riflescopes built to deliver extreme speed, accuracy and shooting confidence. The M-223 line offers five new rifle scopes, all engineered for the 223 Rem./5.56mm NATO round with 55-grain polymer tipped bullet with a muzzle velocity of 3240fps. With Nikon’s latest reticle and adjustment technologies, the M-223 rifle scope integrates the same level of quality as Monarch riflescopes, which are flagship to Nikon Hunting.

“The recent surge in AR-type rifle purchases means there is a new group of customers out there learning just how much fun owning an AR is,” said Jon LaCorte, senior product marketing manager Nikon Sport Optics. “We’ve built the M-223 family to help them enjoy and use their rifles no matter if it’s for competition, varmint or predator hunting, or just plinking fun.”

All of the new M-223 riflescopes proudly feature Nikon’s fully multicoated optics, up to 95% light transmission, waterproof/fogproof/shockproof performance and lifetime warranty.

Designed for AR carbines and popular 3 gun competitions, the 1-4×20 rifle scope with Point Blank reticle features an extremely large exit pupil for low light performance and a super wide field of view. The all-new Point Blank reticle technology means incredibly accurate and fast shooting from zero to 200 yards thanks to thick reticle posts and purpose-designed 3-MOA center dot for instant and reliable targeting on paper or steel plates.

The M-223 2-8×32 scope is available with Nikon’s all new BDC 600 reticle or the Nikoplex reticle with Nikon’s new Rapid Action Turret system; both are ballistically matched to the 223 Rem. round and offer unprecedented speed in dialing in your shots for virtually any known distance—from 0 to 600 yards.

The big brother of the M-223 lineup, the 3-12×42 riflescope with side focus parallax adjustment lays down a serious power range for your most extreme shooting. For long range shooting speed and precision, this new riflescope helps take full advantage of the performance of the 223 Rem. round—from zero out to 600 yards. Available with Nikon’s new BDC 600 reticle or the Nikoplex reticle with the all-new Rapid Action Turret technology, these M-223 riflescopes will make your AR a new favorite toy.

Additionally, the M-223 3-12×42 and 2-8×32 scopes come standard with Nikon’s Anti Reflective Device (ARD) to eliminate harsh objective lens glare. MSRP for the M-223 family is $279.95 for the 1-4×20 with Point Blank Reticle, $349.95 for the 2-8×32 with BDC 600 Reticle, $329.95 for the 2-8×32 with Nikoplex reticle, $449.95 for the 3-12×42 with BDC 600 and $429.95 for the 3-12×42 rifle scope with Nikoplex reticle.

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