Armour hard exterior and classic military styling. The MX10 is issued to UK Special Forces and has been awarded it’s own NATO stock number.

All Nite watches feature a rare illumination technology called GTLS (Gaseous Tritium Light Source). This highly specialized technology was, until recently only ever used in advanced military hardware or pioneering safety equipment where a guaranteed light source was needed for safe operations in all hazardous environments and conditions.

Exactly the same technology has now been adopted by Nite in a range of advanced sports watches that offer the same standards of reliability and durability to non professional personnel.

Every Nite watch is fitted with a minimum of fifteen GTLS lamps, giving you a dial that can be read quickly and easily in all light levels.

How does a GTLS work?
Electrons emitted from the tritium gas excite the phosphor coating inside each GTLS lamp to produce a continuous light that will typically last between 10 and 20 years.   The chemical reaction inside each GTLS is constantly working. As soon as the light levels drop the lamps become clearly visible, allowing you to depend on your timepiece at all times.

Diameter:  1.65″ (Inches)
Depth:  0.42″ (Inches)
Weight: 2.68 Ounces
Dial options: Black
Crystal: Sapphire with triple anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 330ft / 100m (push-in crown with triple o-ring seal)
Movement: Ronda 505.6 (Swiss Made – Swiss Parts)
Battery Life: 371 (45 months)
Strap options: Polymer (Black)

MSRP $320

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Armour hard exterior and classic military styling. The MX10 is issued to UK Special…