Seeing what can’t be seen is now even better with the new NIVISYS Scorpion Multi-Purpose Thermal Imager.

The NIVISYS Scorpion Thermal Imager combines the ergonomic features of a handheld monocular and the capability of a weapon mounted optical system. This capability solves some very real tactical problems for the military and law enforcement.

You Can’t hide: Thermal gear is almost like using x-ray vision. Observing suspects of interest through smoke, fog, bushes and other objects that otherwise may hide them from all other types of visual devices. The new NIVISYS Scorpion unit provides a powerful improved tactical advantage.

WEAPONOLOGY: The Scorpion has an operator manipulated menu driven electronic system giving the operator a choice of five sight reticles with elevation and windage adjustments. This sight reticle selection makes possible precision short and mid-range shots from the firearm it is mounted on.

INREDIBLE VERSITILITY: Used as a hand held observation device or mounted on firearms with its built in 1913 Picatinny Rail mount. The Scorpion offers additional serious flexibility for operators. It can internally capture and record still images for later use such as evidence or intelligence gathering. In addition to image capture it has video out capability for streaming images.

SPECIFICATIONS: Weight 964 grams; length 14.5 CM; width 7.0 CM; Height 6.35 CM. 12 degree Field of view. Maximum immersion depth in water, 3 meters. Environmental rating 1, this product can operate in a wide range of environmental conditions. Sensor resolution of 320×240 Thermal-Eye 4500 amorphous silicon microbolmeter core.

OPERATIONAL EASE: Ergonomically designed to easily be intuitively operated in total darkness, the controls allow easy access to even include built-in instant magnification zoom features. The secure front cover seals the objective lens tightly and effectively from the elements and the unit has all the normal focusing rings mounted in traditional operator friendly locations.

POWER: The Scorpion operates on either standard CR-123 or rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Operational life is six hours of continuous use in normal temperatures.

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Seeing what can't be seen is now even better with the new NIVISYS Scorpion…