Full thermal optical systems can be expensive, very expensive in many cases with some systems running well over $25,000 (NIVISYS has lower priced highly-effective systems). However, for organizations equipped with standard night vision gear the NIVISYS TACS (Thermal Acquisition Clip-On System) may be an incredibly economical item to consider.

When the TACS is added onto a standard light intensifier it provides the operator with a long wave infrared optical overlay image. This thermal image can extend engagement capabilities through obscurants and light cover. Not only lower in price than a full thermal system the TACS provides the operator with a choice of two “night eyes;” normal night vision or thermal enhanced night vision.

Low power consumption with optimal sensor technology is a huge advantage to the operator. The TACS unit would be ideal for budget busted and cash strapped police departments needing thermal capabilities but having only light intensifier scopes. To that end the unit (shown here on a NIVISYS MUM-14 night vision scope) will allow detection of targets at 300 meters, recognition at 260 meters and identification at 130 meters, all well within the huge majority of urban night operational limits.

Now the use of established night vision scopes may benefit from the added thermal capabilities of the NIVISYS TACS to observe suspects of interest through smoke, fog, bushes and other obscurants. This new NIVISYS unit provides a powerful affordable improved tactical advantage and option over standard night vision optics.

-Weight 220 grams
-Length 9.2 CM; width 6.1 CM; Height 4.7 CM
-Field of view, 20 degrees
-1x power
-Environmental rating 1 (can operate in a wide range of environmental conditions)
-Sensor resolution of 320×240.

-Ergonomically designed to easily be intuitively operated in total darkness.

-The TACS operates on standard CR-123 batteries. Operational life is 2.5 hours of continuous use in normal temperatures.

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