Many of the world’s militaries have either moved to or are moving to the .338 Lapua Magnum for their primary sniper rifles. Delivering significant energy on target, the .338 Lapua Magnum remains one of the best soft-target precision rifle calibers available. Given the correct ammunition, it even has some hard-target value, especially for police departments.

When it comes to military applications, the .338 Lapua’s only limitation has been a lack of a semi-automatic platform. That has changed with the introduction of a few AR-style rifles in this potent caliber. One of these is the second-generation Bad News semi-automatic precision rifle in .338 Lapua.

I got a chance to test one of the first-generation rifles, and it was very impressive. Its accuracy was excellent, and it was reliable with several types of ammunition. Using a super-strong bolt and precision-built billet receivers, it was relatively lightweight—no heavier than a typical bolt-action precision rifle. The proprietary gas system provides smooth operation with reliable and positive ejection of the rather substantial .338 Lapua brass cases.

The new receivers of the second-generation Bad News rifle are nicely done, and the rifle also features a redesigned handguard that offers lots of usable Picatinny rail space. With both five- and 10-round magazines available, the Bad News can provide some truly significant firepower.

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