Nosler has unveiled several new releases for 2014, including the Model 48 Patriot rifle and the 26 Nosler cartridge. Scroll down to watch a video showing these new products.

The M48 Patriot has a 24″ stainless steel match grade barrel and a lightweight aramid fiber reinforced composite stock, as well as a hinged floor plate, a 2-position rocker safety and guaranteed MOA accuracy of one inch or better. Retail price for the M48 Patriot is $1695.

The 26 Nosler cartridge is a non-belted, 6.5mm commercial cartridge which can fire a Nosler 129 grain, AccuBond Long Range bullet out of the muzzle at 3400 fps. The Point Blank Range is 0-415 yards when zeroed at 350 yards. It uses a standard (.30-06) length action.

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Specifications: NOSLER MODEL 48 PATRIOT
• Nosler Model 48 Action
• Stainless Match-Grade Barrel
• Lightweight Aramid Fiber Reinforced Composite Stock
• Glass and Aluminum Pillar Bedding
• Hinged Floorplate
• 2-Position Rocker Safety
• Crisp, Hand-Tuned Trigger Pull
• Cerakote All-Weather Finish
• Guaranteed M.O.A. Accuracy with prescribed Nosler Ammunition

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