DANIEL DEFENSE DDM4 5.56mm by Tom Beckstrand
Amped up AR that offers everything a professional could want or need!

American Precision Arms’ long-range tack driver designed to deliver on target!

CLYDE ARMORY AR6720 5.56mm by Jay Langston
Calling on a Lightweight LE Carbine to protect officers from being outgunned!

DEL-TON DTI-15 5.56mm by Mike Detty
Customizable carbine tailored to operator’s specs that delivers on the job!

REMINGTON 887 NITRO MAG TACTICAL by Michael O. Humphries
Traditional favorite hits hard with its new, 12 ga space-age combat shotgun!

BARRETT REC7 5.56mm by Richard Mann
A new chambering for this cool- and clean-running, piston-driven powerhouse!

GLOCK GEN4 22 .40 S&W by Brian Jensen
Evolution of perfection — duty gun with enhanced ergonomics!

BRAVO MID-16 MOD 2 5.56mm by Paul Markel
Accurate and reliable gunfighting carbine ready for on the job duties!

SIG SAUER SSG 3000 by Doug Larson
High-performance, long-range .308 for when your first shot is your only shot!


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FEATURES DANIEL DEFENSE DDM4 5.56mm by Tom Beckstrand Amped up AR that offers everything…