swmp.gifCanadian HRPS Chooses S&W M&P

Halton Regional Police Service (HRPS) from Ontario, Canada will be arming officers with 600 Smith & Wesson M&P pistols chambered in .40 S&W. The M&P will be the primary sidearm carried by police officers in HRPS’ three districts: the City of Burlington, the Town of Oakville and the Town of Milton and Halton Mills. During the testing and evaluation period conducted by many LE agencies, the ambidextrous controls and enhanced ergonomics were notable features that factored into the decision, but the M&P’s high marks in performance and accuracy finalized HRPS’ choice. For more information, visit

tasers.gifNorfolk, PD Secures Tasers With Serpa
Uniformed officers in the city of Norfolk, VA will be carrying their new Taser X-26 in BlackHawk’s Level 2 SERPA holster. With a purchase of 673 duty belt holsters and 256 leg platforms purchased, each officer will have the choice to carry their Taser on their duty belt or on a leg platform.

With service to 241,000 in 66 square miles, Norfolk PD appreciates BlackHawk’s added features including a distinctly different draw than a standard SERPA firearm holster to help differentiate between the Taser and an officer’s handgun in a stressful environment. If the Taser were accidentally discharged while holstered, the unit’s probes would be contained within the holster. Notably, X-26 safety is always auto­matically re-engaged when holstered. For more information, visit

bushnell.gifBushnell Rangefinder Enlisted By U.S. Army
A special military version of the Bushnell ELITE 1500 laser rangefinder has earned a contract to enhance the combat capabilities of soldiers in the field. In August 2008, Bushnell began shipping the unit capable of ranging distances out to 1,600 yards in a carrying case in the U.S. Army’s new digital camo pattern.

The ELITE 1500 is designed to be comfortable in the hand and will withstand harsh environments with Bushnell’s RainGuard water repellant coating that prevents fogging. An internal low-light LED assists viewing in dusk and dawn operations. Powered by a 9-volt battery, the rangefinder features three ranging modes and an automatic scan for precise ranging to multiple targets. For more information, visit

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