LaCrosse Footwear’s subsidiary Danner has received a $3.2 million order to supply U.S. Marines with the Danner Marine Temperate boot. Delivery is expected within 60 days, representing the company’s largest one-time delivery order last year. The order for the Marine Temperate boot surpasses the previous $3 million order placed last June for the Mountain Cold Weather Boot.

“The Marines trust Danner to deliver the best quality footwear for all kinds of weather, on time and according to their specifications,” says Joseph P. Schneider, president and CEO of LaCrosse Footwear, Inc. “We continue to be very proud to support our men and women in uniform by delivering outstanding products to meet their needs in the field.” For more information visit

Sig Sauer has been awarded a contract with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS). The NCIS contract calls for more than 2,000 P229s and P239s chambered in .40 S&W to replace the aging fleet of refurbished M11 (SIG P228) semi-autos purchased more than 15 years ago. The contract represents the first new procurement for a sidearm since the agency’s inception.

The mission of NCIS is to investigate, resolve, and mitigate criminal, terrorist, and intelligence threats affecting the war-fighting capabilities of the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps. NCIS has approximately 2,400 personnel, including 1,200 special agents, stationed at more than 150 locations around the world.

“It’s my honor to receive the first of what will be a total of over 2,000 Sig Sauer .40 S&W caliber weapons destined for NCIS,” stated Ralph Blincoe, NCIS Deputy Director of Management and Administration. “As a federal law enforcement agency with a worldwide mission and presence, we are thrilled that Sig Sauer has been identified to supply our new generation of handguns. NCIS special agents have been carrying the Sig Sauer M11 pistol for almost 15 years, and we are excited that the Department of the Navy is making this investment to upgrade our weapons to insure that our operators are better equipped,” Blincoe adds. For more information visit

The National Center for Defense Robotics (NCDR) was recently awarded robotics technology development sub-contracts totaling $1.11 million. One of the companies that is benefiting from the NCDR funding is QinetiQ North America, which is developing semi-autonomous capabilities for the MTRS (Man Transportable Robotic System) version of its TALON robot that is widely used in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The grant from NCDR will enable us to continue to develop semi-autonomous capabilities for TALON. In particular, NCDR’s support of this effort will lead to a suite of new technologies that can assist the EOD operator in reducing mission time while improving situational awareness,” commented Parag Batavia, director at QinetiQ NA’s Technology Solutions Group.

While the most pressing need is in the area of EOD robotics, improved situational awareness is expected to significantly improve the operational effectiveness of unmanned systems in any mission area in which they are involved. Carnegie Mellon University has been tasked as the base for developing the MTRS EOD robot’s intuitive controls for operation beyond the field of view. For more information visit

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