Obzerv Technologies launches its first integrated solution comprising Obzerv’s flagship Range-Gated Camera, the ARGC-2400, and the well-known ThermoVision 2000/3000 thermal imaging cameras. This new integrated solution capitalizes on the inherent strengths of Range-Gating and thermal imaging technologies, hence, providing an exceptional surveillance solution.

The ARGC-2400 camera, with its incomparable range-gating capabilities and outstanding performance in long-range classification and identification under degraded weather conditions such as rain, snow and fog, is the perfect tool to assess the targets detected by thermal imaging cameras. In this day and age, surveillance systems not only provide you with the ability to detect potential threats as early as possible, but also give you the capability to classify and identify them before taking any action. Practically, a ThermoVision 2000/3000 camera might detect a large ship cruising off the coast at 20 km. Without additional information, it is impossible for the operator to further assess the situation. Today, with Obzerv’s fully-integrated solution, it becomes easy for the operator to recognize said ship at 20 km, read her name at a distance of less than 10 km and even assess the height of the flotation line, hence becoming fully empowered to make the appropriate decision and action.

“We believe that this integrated surveillance solution is completing nicely our existing range-gated camera offering. Existing ThermoVision 2000/3000 users will now have the possibility to add an ARGC-2400 camera to it, hence, reaching a totally new level of security criteria with enhanced benefits. On the other side, organizations seeking leading edge surveillance solutions will have the opportunity to take advantage of a full turnkey solution,” said Alain Laflamme, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing of Obzerv Technologies.

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Obzerv Technologies launches its first integrated solution comprising Obzerv's flagship Range-Gated Camera, the ARGC-2400,…