A good holster is of paramount importance to anyone who carries or plans to carry a firearm on a regular basis. Whether your firearm is large or small, if the holster is not comfortable and concealable, chances are both will remain locked in the safe and not on you when you might need them.

Old Faithful’s inside the waistband inside-the-waistband (IWB) holster is constructed of Kydex and quality leather and is made in the USA. This style of holster is known as a hybrid because of the combination of older traditional leather and newer type materials used in its construction, in this case Kydex.


The holster consists of a leather backing to which a pre-formed Kydex half shell is affixed. The firearm retention can be increased or decreased by adjusting the mounting bolts that attach the outer Kydex shell to the leather backing. This is a very rare option in the hybrid holster industry, but every Old Faithful Holster has this capability. Another available option is colored Kydex (including camouflage), which is also a rarity among holster companies.


The holster backing serves as a base, shielding the firearm from the user’s body and ensures that no sweat comes into contact with the firearm. Old Faithful is unique in the weight of leather used, which is a 10-12 oz compared to 7-8 oz used by most others.


The rigid Kydex outer shell ensures that the handgun can be re-holstered one-handed as the holster body doesn’t collapse once the firearm has been drawn, overcoming a common issue with many traditional IWB type holsters.


The wide leather base of the holster spreads the weight of the firearm over a large area maximizing comfort and avoids putting the firearm’s entire weight on a single point, which often leads to the pants and belt wanting to slip down.


The mounting clips can be repositioned or adjusted to increase or decrease the cant as well as the ride height of the firearm.

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A good holster is of paramount importance to anyone who carries or plans to…