Over a year after the Bangkok Massacre it is no longer disputed by anyone, except acting Thai PM Abhisit, a smattering of oddball expat bloggers, extreme rightwing Thai nationalists and various establishment and military stooges, that the Thai Army shot dozens of unarmed civilians in central Bangkok. What is also indisputable is that many of these deaths came through the use of snipers – video footage from CNN even captured them in action.

So who trains these Thai military snipers to be so efficient in the execution of their duties?

Enter none other than the US Marine Corps:

“Our goal as snipers is a first-round impact with every shot,” said Gunnery Sgt. Victor Lopez, scout sniper chief instructor with Weapons Platoon, Landing Force Company. “If they don’t get these fundamentals, they can’t effectively engage targets.”

The actual date of this sniper training was May 12 2011, almost a year to the day after the Thai Army snipers began “effectively engaging” Thais civilians on Bangkok’s streets. One of the saddest stories from May 2010 was that of Samaphan “Cher” Srithep, a completely innocent, obviously unarmed, 16-year-old kid, taken out by a Thai Army bullet and left to bleed to death on a Bangkok pavement. Cher’s sister later wrote about her teenage brother’s visit to the May 2010 protest site and the devastating outcome.

Source: Andrew Spooner for Asian Correspondent.

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Over a year after the Bangkok Massacre it is no longer disputed by anyone,…