With the launch of its new Ontario Knife Company GEN II™ series, the company’s design experts have taken their own legacy of excellence and attention to detail to the next level.

The all-new models in the series are designed by industry veteran Dan Maragni, who applied his more than 20 years of cutlery manufacturing and design expertise to enhancing Ontario Knife Company’s renowned Spec Plus line. It features state-of-the-art upgrades to all materials, and drills down into incredibly unique new heat treatment and manufacturing processes, for an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship and durability. The result is an upper echelon series of knives perfect for a wide range of tactical, sporting, outdoor survival and rescue personnel applications.

The revolutionary new Ontario Knife Company GEN II series starts with a special metallurgist-inspected 5160 High Carbon Steel, far tougher than other steels, and perfectly suited to the industrial heat-treating techniques with which the new line is forged. Then these innovative new knives are cut with a water jet, versus a laser, to ensure the integrity of the steel and prevent the possibility of cracking. To further guard against cracking, Ontario Knife grinds approximately 0.030” off of each side of the blanks before they undergo this special, intensive heat treatment, to eliminate any issues from the hot rolled surface.

The designer has even introduced an exclusive, specially researched and developed snap temper system — a short, low temperature process, which relieves the stress inherent in the hardening steps, before the clamp and temper, and prevents any cracking of the blades while they are clamped in the straightening racks.

Each of the new models has rock solid black texture powder coated blades. Typically, powder coated blades require deep imprinting deeply, which can result in cracked or weakened material. However, the new blades in Ontario Knife Company’s GEN II series are each laser engraved, which keeps the innate structure of the steel intact and powerful.

Plus, each knife in the series is created with a solid ribbed Kraton® polymer handle and features full tang construction, and comes complete with a sturdy combination leather/Cordura® sheath.

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