“If any of you maggots gt the brains or nerve to ask me a good question, I’ll answer it right here!”


The great firestorm of rhetoric that erupted when the City Council of Berkeley, California, voted to ban U.S. Marine recruiters has died down. There have been much back-peddling and revisionist statements, particularly from the more-responsible citizens and groups of that area. Still, much bitterness remains. How could a community sponsor such an outrageous assault on the very foundations of freedom and liberty?
These people could care less about freedom and liberty and the price that has been paid in blood and tears for the life they enjoy. Their assault on my Corps was so shameful I almost felt like hooking up with thousands of other Marines and taking to the streets. But cooler heads prevailed before things got out of hand. You have to consider the source. This is Berkeley, home of the University of California at Berkeley, the command center of the ultimate left-winger who believe our lives should be controlled by the government. They are a disgrace to the spirit and courage that have made America great, and to the men and women who have served, and serve today, to protect our country and our freedom. Thank God I don’t have a kid or grandkid coming to me asking for my permission to attend school at Berkeley. Because my answer would be, “Hell no!”

femaledi.gif Since we last talked, we’ve had another school shooting at Northern Illinois University, with five students killed in the classroom. Do you think anything can be done to identify these kooks and crackpots before they strike?
I don’t think so. Look at this case—a regular, everyday guy blending into the student body. Suddenly he’s berserk with a gun in his hand, spewing bullets. Except in isolated, extreme and obvious cases, I can’t see how it would ever be possible to predict such behavior 100 percent of the time. What I would like to see is more protection in the classrooms—armed and trained officers ready to deal with any lunatic the minute he or she gets up with a gun or explosives. And I have an idea on how we can make that happen: Why not give free credit and admission to local law enforcement officers who would like to be in college but can’t afford it? Let’s put the admissions people to work checking out and admitting all those trained men and women out there who could be furthering their educations while protecting their fellow students in the classrooms. I don’t know why all the geniuses who run this country haven’t figured that one out yet.

Airport security continues to wrestle with the problems of identifying and searching possible terrorists boarding flights. Do you feel an 80-year-old lady from Iowa should remove her shoes and be searched the same as a Muslim departing from NYC?
No profiling! That’s the rule, and we’re sticking to it. This is America, where everybody’s supposed to be treated equally. But when you’re looking for people who have said they were going to kill you, and who have tried time and again to kill you, don’t you think some extra vigilance is necessary? I had this on my “Sound Off” forum on my site not long ago: “What in the world is going on when a woman raises hell and thinks she’s singled out because she wouldn’t uncover her face and now cries out on TV that she was singled out? Jesus H…If you wear a mask over your face and try to board a plane, sure you will be pulled aside! This is America! Be proud, not a whiner. Or leave!

A reader wanted to know how and why you originally picked joining the Marines as a young man. Why not the Army, Navy or Air Force?
Actually, the Navy was my first choice. And they turned me down before I barely got in the door. You see, I had gotten into trouble a couple of times as a juvenile. I had a juvenile record. The Navy was getting better recruits than the likes of me, so they turned me down. Later, outside the Marine Recruiting Office, I stood face-to-face with this life-sized poster of a Marine sergeant in dress blues saying they needed men. I loved the way he looked, his assertive posture and confidence. I went inside and a real sergeant, not in dress blues, took his feet off the desk and put down the magazine he was reading and gestured for me to sit down. From that moment on, I never looked back.

And today, has anything changed your mind about military service?
Well, my views are even stronger that a young man or woman without specific goals on college or employment ought to consider joining up. Become part of something, part of a team. See where it leads. There are lots of reasons to consider the different branches, Army, Navy, Air Force. The Coast Guard is really tough; it’s very hard to get in. And my beloved Marine Corps always needs a few good men—and women.

glock0015_1.gifMost of our readers know about your role as celebrity spokesperson for Glock pistols, and that you spend a lot of range time with your favorite, the Glock 37 in .45 G.A.P. But they’ve also asked about other guns and calibers you enjoy taking to the range. Can you tell us something about them?
Well, it so happens that this morning, as soon as you and I are finished, my son and I are headed for a full day at the range. I’ve got a safari in Africa coming up in [a few] months, and I want to start getting ready for a variety of game with a variety of rifles and calibers. Today, at the range, we’ll be shooting .450 Nitro Express, .458 Win. Mag., .300 H&H Mag. and, for sure, my trusty Glock .45 G.A.P. will be going along. I never leave home without it. I’m looking forward to a big day. When we get out there, both my son and I have the same philosophy: Shoot ’til you puke!
—Thanks Gunny, Semper Fi!

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