Why Did OPSGEAR® Produce This Important DVD Series?
In June of 2010, OPSGEAR® launched Free Tactical Tips Each day around the globe guns, knives and fists are used to rob, rape and kill. Often times those senseless acts of violence could be prevented with some training. We knew that we could make a difference by teaching others. Since starting we’ve produced over 100 self defense videos. We’ve received dozens of emails from viewers telling us how one of the tips literally saved their life or helped them escape a potentially lethal confrontation. Military and law enforcement agencies have written telling us they gather around the computer and practice the techniques. We have a large following that has been begging for us to put the training on DVD and we listened! We only teach defensive tactics, never offensive. All the tips are taught to break contact and survive another day. The website is dedicated in memory of Mandy Lund, a 19 year old college student who was sexually assaulted and murdered.

Defensive Tactics Volume 1: Principles – The first installment in our Defensive Tactics series.
Decades in the making, these DVDs are based on the best practices from military special operations, competitive martial arts and street fighting. This new Defensive Tactics Series presented by OPSGEAR® simplifies self defense in a way that has not been available in the past. These DVDs demystify the confusion and complexity of defending yourself. All ages, sizes, both male and female will benefit from this easy to apply and life saving system. The ONLY things that work effectively under the pressure of an assault are the timeless principles of defense that are based on what you will do instinctively. To defend yourself and get away from an attacker you must leverage what your body is producing during the “fear” response. This Defensive Tactics system aligns itself with your natural responses to stress and fear. If you can walk or raise your arm above your head, then you can apply these simple techniques. Defending yourself should NOT be a mystery, it should be an immediate response to the relevant threat, measured and designed to help you escape.

Defensive Tactics Volume 2: Techniques – The second installment in our Defensive Tactics series.
This companion to Volume 1 – Principles is the perfect solution for anyone wanting to learn simple, fast and proven defensive techniques. You will see in high definition quality, over 30 defensive techniques and escapes that will increase your survivability in a lethal confrontation. Learn from military, rescue and body guard veteran David Burnell the system that fits all ages and body types, both male and female.

Who is David Burnell & What’s his Background?
David Burnell is a military veteran and instructor. He is also a national Tae Kwon Do champion in forms and full contact. His students include the U.S. Military, Police, Federal Agencies and Civilians. His unarmed fighting style and methods are crystalized into a system that is principle based and simple. His extensive operational experience includes Chief Body Guard in post-earthquake Haiti, recovery work in Japan and Alabama, as well as special operations work all over the world. David is a student of life and constantly seeking new methods and techniques to mitigate risk and survive lethal confrontations. David is a phenomenal instructor and has trained thousands of military, law enforcement, civilians and youth groups over the years. Additionally, he is the Founder and CEO of OPSGEAR® and the Urban Warfare Center You may see a more in-depth bio by visiting

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Why Did OPSGEAR® Produce This Important DVD Series? In June of 2010, OPSGEAR® launched…