Introduced at the 2008 IACP in San Diego, CA, was a LE version of their highly regarded “SandCat,” a multi-role ballistically protected vehicle. This vehicle is highly maneuverable that can be reconfigured to fit many different missions. Its use of a commercial chassis and kitted hull allows for more efficient manufacture and repair. The unique window configuration allows a wider field of view than other armored vehicles without giving up ballistic protection. Spall liners are built within the armored shell to capture projectiles that might enter the interior as a result of an external blast. The V-shaped belly deflector accepts the impact of mine blasts while directing lethal energy away from the vehicle. Suspended seats minimize acceleration forces to the passengers and prevent contact between crew and the vehicle’s belly during a blast impact.

Tactical Features include:
116-in. wheelbase
38-degree approach angle
30-degree departure angle
19.7-ft. turning radius
13-in ground clearance
Maximum (governed) speed of 74.6 mph

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Introduced at the 2008 IACP in San Diego, CA, was a LE version of…