Patriot Ordnance Bolt-Driven ReVolt Rifles SHOT Show 2015
New For 2015: Patriot Ordnance's Bolt-Driven ReVolt Rifles

Patriot Ordnance Factory has traditionally been known for its piston-driven AR-style rifles, but the company recently released a bolt-action design through its ReVolt line that looks to combine the reliable bolt rifle concept with the modularity of the AR platform. Available in two models, the ReVolt Heavy (7.62mm) and ReVolt Light (5.56mm), these new rifles bring some of the most cutting-edge sporting rifle technology to the bolt-action design.

The ReVolt rifles feature a manually operated, straight-pull bolt and completely ambidextrous controls similar to those found on Patriot Ordnance’s other AR-style rifles. The rifles have dedicated AR upper receivers that eliminate the AR’s standard gas system and allow its conversion to a simplified bolt action.

The Heavy model in 7.62mm features an 18.5-inch barrel, a 40-inch overall length and a 9.5-pound weight, while the Light model offers an 18.5-inch barrel, 38.5-inch overall length and an 8.3-pound weight. Both models come standard with an NP3 coating, a 4-pound single-stage trigger, a Luth-AR stock and a Magpul MOE pistol grip.

Patriot Ordnance has also outfitted the ReVolt rifles with a free-floating monolithic “M” rail that’s compatible with Magpul’s M-Lok design, allowing the operator to add a variety of tactical lights, lasers and optics to the package.

For more information about these rifles, visit or call 623-561-9572.

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