Cleaning of muzzle loading guns, which is generally considered the most annoying part of black powder shooting can now be performed quickly and easily.

Davide Pedersoli recently introduced the Guns’ Turbo Cleaner that enables cleaning of guns without disassembly using a steam jet produced by a small portable steam cleaner.

The boiler is equipped with a flexible tube 2 meters long with a handle with an easy and fast coupling system for the lance which is made of stainless steel to direct the steam jet. The lance is 93.5cm long, with a diameter of 8mm equipped with a tip having three discharge holes for the best steam flush providing perfect and complete cleaning of the inside of the barrel. The inclination of the holes at about 30 degrees is useful to clean the rifling grooves and when the lance is fully into the barrel, it also reaches the breech plug. The triple steam flushing effect also works well on breech loading guns in general, e.g., the internal parts or the narrow threads of interchangeable chokes or gas ports, it also eases lead removal from barrels, which will also make subsequent brush cleaning work faster. The steam lance is Teflon coated to prevent possible damage to the barrel.

On the control panel of the steam cleaner there are three switches. The lower green switch starts the electric system and indicates correct operation with a green light. The orange switch starts the heating process; the nearby indicator light comes on when the correct operating temperature to produce steam is reached. The upper red switch allows continuous steam flushing, without the need to hold the trigger on the handle. This function is useful when for safety you have to use both hands to manipulate the gun while cleaning. We suggest not overusing this function to avoid compromising the Guns’ Turbo Cleaner’s operation. The steam flush can be adjusted through the control knob on the handle.

After filling the boiler with 1.5 litres of water, about ten minutes are needed to produce steam at 130°C. The high temperature and the steam pressure flush at about 3.5 bar dissolves all the carbon residues inside the barrel and inside the lock, particularly for dirty flintlock guns. During cleaning you can lay the gun flat on a table, then lift it by the stock to allow the dirt to come out of the muzzle, or by keeping it in a vertical position you can observe the dirt coming out of the flash hole or the nipple, so that you can easily wipe it away. To clean the lock (for the most meticulous work you can disassemble the lock) a few minutes of steam flush will be enough for perfect cleaning, which you can complete by drying with a cloth. The high temperature steam will heat the metal parts easing the drying before re-lubricating. We recommend wearing the supplied protective gloves for safety reasons.

On request there are two additional lances available: 113cm (44-7/16”) long with three holes at 30 degrees and one 26cm (10-1/4”) long with one central hole for use with handguns.
The Guns’ Turbo Cleaner boiler is made of stainless steel, fully insulated and controlled by an electronic system which reduces electricity consumption when the operating temperature is reached. The water filler is on the top and a safety cap prevents accidental opening unless pressure inside the boiler has diminished to a safe level.

For information: Davide Pedersoli & C., via Artigiani 57, 25063 Gardone Val Trompia; ([email protected]); tel. 030.8915000; fax 030.8911019.

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