Sneak Peek: Daniel Defense DDM4V11 Lightweight sneak peek

One of the most innovative and popular AR manufacturers in the country, Daniel Defense of Black Creek, Ga., never stops improving its products—and gaining fans and followers—even after over a decade of building ARs and accessories.

Recently, Daniel Defense decided to bring the KeyMod direct-accessory attachment system to the company’s offerings by adding its new, smaller-diameter SLiM Rail (Slim, Lightweight, Modular) 15.0 handguard to the DDM4V9 series. The KeyMod system makes attaching items to the handguard a snap and, because it doesn’t require a bulky quad-rail system, reduces the handguard’s total weight.

All five DDM4V11 rifles have mid-length gas systems, and four use 16-inch, cold-hammer-forged barrels. Three DDM4V11s use government-profile barrels, with receivers finished in Daniel Defense’s Mil Spec+, Tornado Cerakote or matte black. The fourth has an 18-inch barrel with a heavier S2W (Strength 2 Weight) profile. With a lightweight barrel profile, the lightest carbine Daniel Defense makes is the DDM4V11 LW, which has a matte black finish.

I recently tested the DDM4V11 LW, and it is significantly lighter than other standard ARs I’ve evaluated over the years. Reasonably accessorized, it should still be one of the lightest carbines around. The DDM4V11 LW also arrived wearing Daniel Defense’s new, comfortable and effective buttstock and pistol grip, which are made of glass-filled polymer and outfitted with soft-touch overmolding. With its fast-handling characteristics, accessory mounting capabilities and new furniture, the DDM4V11 LW is a winner!

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