Fed by standard Glock and 1911 magazines, the Just Right (JR) Carbine is a unique AR-15-style weapon that removes the need to carry multiple ammunition types and magazines when armed with both a carbine and a sidearm—a design that has substantial applications for cash-strapped law enforcement agencies and private citizens concerned with keeping home defense within their budget. Rather than procure a variety of rounds and magazines, shooters equipped with the JR have the option of streamlining their ammunition purchases to a single caliber that will function not only with their preferred handgun, but also with a carbine whose longer barrel will improve its performance while providing options for mounting accessories like optics and lights for faster target acquisition and visibility in low light.

Meet JR
Forged from aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum with black hardcoat anodizing for protection, the JR is a semi-automatic, pistol-caliber carbine with an overall length of 33.5 inches (with the stock extended) and a weight of only 6.5 pounds unloaded. The JR’s 17-inch barrel, which can be ordered with threads to accept a suppressor, is covered by a free-floating forend that protects the shooter from heat and allows the mounting of accessories, such as iron sights, optics, lights, etc., on four Picatinny rails. The top rail extends the length of the upper receiver, where the bolt is housed, and is ready to fit any compatible optic or iron sight.

Designed to be fully ambidextrous, the charging handle and ejection port can both be moved to the left or right side depending on user preference, as catches and ports are machined into both sides of the receiver. The lower receiver includes a standard mil-spec AR-15 trigger, safety selector and pistol grip, but is smaller than the traditional design because of a removable magazine well attached to its forward half. Available versions of the mag well can use either 9mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP Glock magazines or 1911 mags in .45 ACP…

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