flexibility.gifPharad, LLC, has developed a wearable antenna product line that improves worn antenna performance and allows for direct integration of antennas into clothing. Using their state-of-the-art, thin flexible material called Flextenna, these antennas conform to the body and flex with body movement.

Originally developed for the US Army’s Future Force Warrior program, Pharad has improved and extended our body worn antenna technology to an offering for other applications. Unlike other antenna solutions, Pharad’s wearable antennas are purpose designed and optimized to be worn on the body. The Pharad wearable antennas can be integrated into a variety of clothing and outer wear. For many soldier and public safety applications, the antennas can be integrated into body armor vests, such as the interceptor vest carrier. For applications requiring covertly worn antennas, we also offer antennas integrated into under clothing. Whether for special operations personnel or undercover police, the Pharad covert body worn antennas will allow superior communications to mission critical personnel.

solid_vest.gif‘With the increased number of items carried by soldiers and first responders, the military and police are seeking technology to integrate more of the communications and telematics electronics into gear worn by these personnel,’ said Austin Farnham, President of Pharad. ‘We are the first company to offer a comprehensive commercial-off-the-shelf wearable antenna product line supporting the primary communications and telematics services. Customer response has been so favorable to this wearable technology, that we have launched the Octane brand under which we sell our wearable antenna products.’

Pharad’s wearable antenna products support such common communications and telematic applications such as EPLRS, 800 MHz radios, cellular/GSM, GPS, and WLAN. The antennas are developed on flexible dielectric material and packaged in waterproof textile pouches that can be integrated into body armor vest carriers, helmets, and other clothing and outer wear. Integration options also include covertly worn antennas, allowing special operations personnel to communicate without unsightly antennas.

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