David Spade doesn’t care.  At least that’s what we thought. The former Saturday Night Live comedian has made a career out of playing characters that, frankly, don’t give a damn.

From his SNL News broadcasts to his starring roles in movies like Tommy Boy and The Benchwarmers, Spade had perfected the image of the man who didn’t care.  Well, it turns out David Spade cares about something—the safety and security of Arizona police officers!

In a move that I’m sure stunned his Hollywood friends, the actor recently donated $100,000 to the Phoenix Police Department’s Police Foundation for the express purpose of purchasing AR-15 style rifles for the officers.

Spade is an Arizona resident who once lived in the Phoenix area and graduated from Arizona State University. He saw Shepard Smith’s Fox News Report about how Arizona cops, outgunned by the firepower of drug gangs, were petitioning their union to allow them to buy their own rifles. “Why bring a handgun to a firefight when the other guy has a semiautomatic rifle?” Smith reported, “It doesn’t make sense.”

It didn’t make sense to Spade either. The star of TV’s Just Shoot Me quickly responded by donating the $100,000 to the Phoenix Police Department. “Asking there be no fanfare or media attention, Mr. Spade called and said he wanted to donate $100,000 to the Phoenix Police Department towards the purchase of rifles to help keep our patrol officers and community safe,” the department reported.  “This mutual agreement can now move ahead with momentum thanks to the generosity of Mr. Spade.”

The department will use the much-needed funds to buy AR-15 style rifles to counter the growing influence of Mexican drug cartels. The Emmy nominated actor’s donation helps fund a program being coordinated by Phoenix Police Chief and Public Safety Manager, Jack Harris, and Phoenix Law Enforcement Association President Officer Mark Spencer.
“Mister Spade has stepped forward and given a gift to our officers of increased safety—that’s what he’s really given to our department.” Chief Harris announced, “and I am thrilled that we were able  to accept that money and that will hopefully bring us up to three hundred rifles on the street.”

Phoenix Police Sgt. Alan Hill says 50 AR-15 rifles to be purchased with the donation will be given to patrol officers. “We are in the process of reallocating rifles from other specialty units to make a total of 300 rifles for patrol. We currently have 120 rifles available for patrol. We have 80 rifles on order, and Mister Spade’s donation will provide us 50 more.”

Through his publicist, Spade said, “These guys need to be able to do their jobs, and I am just happy I could help.”

And this isn’t the first time Spade stepped up for the men in blue. The Rules of Engagement star has helped out cops before, donating $25,000 to the family of a fallen Phoenix police officer last year. Hats off to David Spade!

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David Spade doesn’t care.  At least that’s what we thought. The former Saturday Night…