Pocket pistols are all the rage these days, spurred on by citizens looking to legally protect themselves and their loved ones.

While derringers and other tiny firearms have been around for decades, only more recently have pocket pistols become so popular, from Ruger’s innovative LCR to Kel-Tec’s P-3AT. These are small handguns that carry just enough ammo to stop a deadly encounter while still being very compact—compact enough to hide easily in a pocket. Hence the “pocket pistol” moniker.

COMBAT HANDGUNS is all about showcasing the best self-defense pistols to hit the market, and 2015 saw the introduction of several pocket pistol designs.

Included on this list are some truly tiny pocket pistols and revolvers, like the North American Arms (NAA) Sidewinder in .22 WMR, which features NAA’s first swing-out cylinder for faster reloading under stress. We’ve also included Bond Arms’ Backup and Bear derringers—tiny two-shot powerhouses that are ready to serve.

Kimber is well known for its custom-grade 1911s and hunting rifles, but in the pocket pistol category, it’d be hard to beet the Kimber Solo Crimson Carry in 9mm—fitted with Crimson Trace Lasergrips for faster targeting—and the Micro Diamond in .380 ACP.

These pistols are easy to hide on your person until you absolutely need to protect yourself. Read on to see what other guns made our list of the best 10 pocket pistols from COMBAT HANDGUNS in 2015!

For more information on the pocket pistols in the gallery above, please visit the following websites:

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