Join more than 400 of your colleagues to learn and network for the latest information on police fleet vehicles, equipment and services. This is the 6th Annual Police Fleet Expo which is the premiere venue dedicated to police fleet professionals. At a time when decisions are being made about the future of the Detroit vehicle manufacturers and in particular the fate of future police vehicles, it’s more important than ever to plan for the future of your department. And let’s not be so shortsighted so as to forget the $4/gallon fuel costs of last summer which threatens to rear its ugly head at any time.

Are you prepared to deal with the elimination and/or replacement of the current model police vehicles in the next couple of years? What about outfitting those vehicles? What if you’ll need to include a budget for buying replacement prisoner cages; consoles; lights, etc.? Can you really afford to be without a plan for the future?

And what if those high gas prices hit again? Are alternative energy vehicles right for your fleet? Can they do the job your trusted traditional squad cars have done for you at time when budgets may continue to be tight?

You have questions! And we have the people that can provide answers! The vehicle manufacturers will be present and will address your concerns during each of their Manufacturer Sessions. We’ll also have presenters answering the big questions of the day and providing important information for you to take home. There will also be 110+ vendors on the show floor displaying their newest products and discussing services they can provide addressing current and future needs. And don’t forget the 400+ colleagues also in attendance who you can network with and exchange information of best practices and past experiences.

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Join more than 400 of your colleagues to learn and network for the latest…