Protective Products International‘s (PPI) concealable vests are custom fit to the mission. The Viper vest was specifically designed for officers who have trained in the Weaver Stance, a popular two-handed technique by which the officer’s dominate hand holds the firearm and the supporting hand wraps around the dominate hand. This technique keeps the officer’s arms closer to the body with the torso facing forward.  The Viper vest provides extended, full-size coverage using a front panel that wraps entirely around the torso towards the back panel.

All of PPI’s concealable vests come standard with a choice between a 5” x 8” powder-coated steel trauma plate or a 5” x 8” soft trauma pack. Each of the concealable vests is made with a washable lightweight Supplex outershell and microfiber moisture wicking inner lining for breathability. A convenient exterior zipper opens for easy ballistic panel removal and each vest accommodates a 5” x 8” or 7” x 9” trauma insert or PPI SPEED plate. Each vest has removable waist and shoulder straps and features either a 4 or 6-point adjustability. Available with or without shirttails the vests come in standard colors; Black, White, Navy, and Tan and is available in the Armorlite, TG, and ST ballistic systems.

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Protective Products International's (PPI) concealable vests are custom fit to the mission. The Viper…