Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 3 is a continuation of the dynamic theme established in the first two volumes of the Practical Unarmed Combatives series. It focuses on Michael Janich’s unique expression of low-line tactics and provides the most logical, easy-to-understand instruction in the triangular footwork and off-balancing tactics of Indonesian pentjak silat ever captured on video.

The kicking aspect of this DVD reflects one of the most important concepts of Damithurt Silat/Practical Unarmed Combatives: harnessing the power of the full-body “walk.” This concept uses a person’s natural walking stride as a basis for devastating power generation enabling practitioners to strike harder with less training and maintain their balance on real-world terrain.

Michael Janich’s expression of the triangular footwork of pentjak silat is presented with the aid of animations and graphic overlays that enhance the viewer’s understanding of the concept of “putting your opponent on the triangle” and the methods of using the triangle—both as a footwork platform and three-dimensional reference—to off-balance and throw your attacker.

The product of more than 35 years of research and analysis of the world’s best fighting arts, Janich’s devastating system of empty-hand self-defense focuses on understanding and exploiting the “physiological potential” of simple, instinctive, gross motor skills. In this way, even novice students can quickly learn a few basic tactics and have the ability, confidence, and understanding to successfully defend against a broad range of common street attacks.

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Practical Unarmed Combatives Volume 3 is a continuation of the dynamic theme established in…