Predator Tactical announces the new Shrike 1911. 100% Made in America, to Matt Burkett’s demanding specifications, this all stainless steel handgun features a tactical rail, front night sight, adjustable rear sight, and custom engraving. The gun is built on the finest 1911 parts available, the Wilson Combat© Bullet Proof© parts line.

From practical shooting to tactical operations, the Shrike sets a new standard in custom guns. Each gun is 100% backed with a no BS warranty and comes with one complete refinishing! If you ever drop it or go to sell it, you can get it refinished! Each gun is broken in, zeroed, and must pass a 100 round test firing with 100% reliability before it is shipped.

The Shrike comes ships with 2 fitted and tested 8 round Wilson Combat magazines. This gun is built for you. Personalization is available on any part, including finishing. You can have your name on the magazines, side of the gun, etc. You can get the gun in any of the Cerakote® colors or opt for a multi tone finish. The Shrike 1911 is available in .45 ACP, .40 S&W, .38 Super, 9 MM, and 10 MM.

Lifetime service policy. The only limitation to our Lifetime Service Policy is that no other company or person shall perform any gunsmithing or modifications without specific authorization from the factory. All service policies and refinish work are void if modified by anyone other than the factory. ALL FEDERAL LAWS APPLY TO PURCHASE. You must supply an FFL for transfer to your dealer.

Pricing & Availability
The custom made Shrike 1911 is now available for immediate ordering through Predator Tactical’s online store with delivery in three weeks or less.

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