GBA Preview Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact 1191
The Springfield Armory Range Officer Compact

For the 2015 issue of GUN BUYER’S ANNUAL, author Dennis Adler put together a roundup of compact, carry-ready 1911 pistols for the concealed carrier who wants to carry big-bore stopping power. With designs from Colt, Kimber and Springfield Armory among the pistols featured, Adler sought to highlight the many compact 1911s available for everyday self-defense.

“It is a tall order to take a gun designed over a century ago as a full-size military sidearm weighing 39 ounces and scale it down to a size barely greater than a medium-frame revolver with a 4-inch barrel and an average weight of just 25 ounces, all without giving up cartridge capacity … or compromising the gun’s handling characteristics,” noted Adler. “A compact .45 ACP semi-auto has to be large enough to manage recoil and maintain accuracy while compact enough to be carried concealed. Today there are numerous .45 ACPs that offer 7+1 capacity in a size that fits comfortably into an inside-the-waistband (IWB), belt or shoulder holster without the bulk of a traditional Government model.”

One of the designs highlighted in Adler’s article was the .45 ACP Range Officer Compact from Springfield Armory.

“Springfield Armory has made an art out of producing smaller-sized 1911 models over the years and the latest example is the Range Officer Compact. Weighing in 
at 28.5 ounces, the 6+1 capacity 1911 “RO” Compact is…designed for either competitive shooting or concealed carry. It is fitted with additional upgrades and features that include a 4-inch, match-grade, bull barrel with a dual recoil spring and full-length guide rod and a fully supported ramp. To minimize carry weight, the RO Compact uses a forged aluminum alloy frame with a durable black hardcoat anodized finish, while the 6.25-inch-long slide is forged carbon steel with a black Parkerized finish.”

To read the full article, check out the 2015 issue of GUN BUYER’S ANNUAL, available on newsstands Nov. 11, 2014. To purchase the issue, go to

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