Long-range shooting can get expensive in a hurry, especially with the current ammo crunch. Training a whole group of people to become snipers in .308 Winchester can be downright bank-draining. But in the upcoming May 2014 issue of RIFLE FIREPOWER, author Eduardo Abril de Fontcuberta may have come up with a solution: “After a couple of hours on the computer playing with my Patagonia ColdBore 1.0 ballistic software and com- paring the typical sniper loads, I came to the conclusion that you could replicate the challenge of shooting at 1,000 yards with a .308 Winchester rifle by shooting at 300 yards with a .22 LR. Therefore, I started looking for an affordable semi-auto .22 LR rifle with match-grade accuracy that could serve as the perfect training weapon at less than a cent per shot.”

So what gun did he choose to test his hypothesis? Anschutz’s high-quality MSR RX22, which “has a superb 16-inch barrel with a 1-in-16-inch twist rate and is capable of producing 50-shot groups within 0.78 inches at 55 yards, per Anschutz’s own requirements. That’s nearly a 50-shot 1.37-MOA group!”

To learn more about the gun and this budget-friendly training program, check out the May 2014 issue of RIFLE FIREPOWER, available on newsstands and digitally February 18, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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