Preview- Arsenal SAM7SF 7.62mm | Gun Review
Preview- Arsenal SAM7SF 7.62mm | Gun Review

In his review of the Arsenal SAM7SF rifle for the 2014 AK-47 & SOVIET WEAPONS, Jeff Zimba offers high praise for the gun-maker and its commitment to quality. According to Zimba, “In the world of Kalashnikovs, many AK connoisseurs consider the Arsenal guns to be the gold standard.” With this opening line, Zimba begins to detail how Arsenal has continued to develop its reputation for quality over quantity, with the 7.62mm Arsenal SAM7SF as it latest example.

The folding stock of the SAM7SF drew Zimba’s attention (and praise) both aesthetically and on the firing line. “While a right-side folding stock may not be unique in itself, this one offers many features not previously available in a production-scale rifle,” notes Zimba. Based on the original Bulgarian stock design for milled-receiver rifles, the SAM7SF’s folding stock impressed the author with its dual-position functionality. “A feature that sets this stock apart from many others is the ability for the rifle to completely function in its entirety while folded. It is low enough to be charged and/or cleared in this folded and locked position by allowing access to the charging handle on the bolt carrier. It is also designed to completely clear the ejection port. This makes firing in the folded position a viable option, as the ejected casings never come into contact with the stock.”

At the range, Zimba was equally impressed with the SAM7SF’s ergonomics and action. “The action is smooth to operate by hand, and the trigger break is as smooth as any AK design I have ever fired. It is a long pull, normal for rifles of this type, but the weight of the pull is so light the sear disengagement cannot be predicted with any amount of practice.”
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