Bravo Company Recce 14 KMR MK2
The Bravo Company Recce 14 KMR MK2

For the 2015 issue of BLACK GUNS, author John Buol Jr. examined the current offerings of Bravo Company Manufacturing (BCM). Included in Buol’s review was a look at the company’s new 5.56mm Recce carbine models and Bravo Company’s many accessory offerings for the AR platform.

“New to the Bravo Company line-up are the BCM Recce carbines. This configuration has an extended handguard over a low-profile gas block and is available in 14.5-inch and 16-inch barrel lengths,” says Buol. “These have been found to be stronger and more durable than many commercial barrels due to high concentrations of carbon and vanadium in the alloy. The BCM Recce 16 Precision is machined from 410 stainless steel, button rifled at a 1-in-8-inch twist and hand-lapped.”

The inclusion of Bravo Company’s innovative KeyMod rails also caught Buol’s eye as he examined the Recce series’ tactical features. “The BCM Recce series is fitted with BCM’s KeyMod rail system constructed of a new magnesium alloy offering the strength of aluminum with 30-40 percent less weight. Also included are the BCM Gunfighter Stock, pistol grip (Mod 3), compensator and ACT/Geissele trigger.”

Aside from its complete rifle offerings, Buol also noted that BCM offers ready-to-shoot uppers that include KeyMod and Picatinny rails and durable barrel designs.

“The company uses U.S.-made, cold-hammer-forged barrels, known for having increased barrel life and accuracy compared to other hammer-forged barrels. In an effort to enhance reliability, a longer and steeper feed ramp extension aids feeding, especially important in carbines known for increased gas port pressure and cycle rates,” says Buol. “Standard uppers match or exceed G.I. specs, with … CMV-grade steel, chromed bore and chamber, standard profile and 5.56mm NATO chamber.”

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