Long known for their accurate, high quality bolt-action rifles, Czech manufacturer CZ unveiled its latest offering for the U.S. market, the Model 557 hunting rifle. The CZ 557 is available for 2014 in both short and long actions and in five hunting calibers: .243 Win, .308 Win, .30-06, .270 Win and 6.5x55mm. The 557 is also available in three variations. The 557 Sporter Manners features a carbon-fiber stock. The CZ 557 Carbine has a traditional walnut stock and backup iron sights and is designed with the professional hunter and guide in mind. The 557 Sporter gives a nod to traditional rifle shooters with its beautiful beech stock and blued finish. All models incorporate a CZ premium cold-hammer-forged, factory-lapped barrel.

But that isn’t the whole story. The CZ 557 was put through its paces by a team of gun writers in a two-day precision rifle course at one of North America’s finest hunting ranches under the watchful eye of an instructor team comprised of former U.S. Navy SEALs and professional hunters. Read the full article to find out how this hunting rifle stacked up against moving targets up close and steel plates hidden in windy gullies and ravines at extreme distances.

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