In the upcoming May 2014 issue of RIFLE FIREPOWER, author Frank L. Galli discusses his quest to get his daughter, Kianna, into rifle shooting. He writes, “Initially, she was happiest shooting her suppressed .22s. We have a Walther P22 and Sig Mosquito for her, and both have had thousands of rounds put through them. The key to getting her to enjoy herself while shooting, at least in my opinion, has been the liberal use of suppressors. I suppress everything I can; I really enjoy the benefits they offer. By starting her off with an accurate, low-recoiling system, it reinforced the positives right from the start. No snap, no bark—she can focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship and getting hits on targets.

“Kiana caught wind of the pink precision rifle on Facebook. I was posting live from an industry trade show early in 2013 and happened by the Ashbury Precision Ordnance booth, snapping pictures with my iPhone. I have had a long relationship with Ashbury Precision Ordnance, and Morris Peterson has been a long-time supporter of the tactical community. Ashbury has more than 20 years of successful global logistics, engineering, training, manufacturing, systems integration and emergency preparedness service to our country. It is the company behind the SABER-FORSST chassis system that became of the foundation of Kiana’s new affection. It only took one image posted on Facebook and within minutes my phone was blowing up with requests for the bubblegum-pink chassis in the picture.”

To find out what it took to transform a Remington 700 into Kianna’s perfect pink rifle, check out the May 2014 issue of RIFLE FIREPOWER, available on newsstands and digitally February 18, 2014. To subscribe, go to

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