In the upcoming 2015 issue of AR RIFLEMAN, we’ve rounded up the best AR-platform rifles on the market for hunting, self-defense and good old fashioned fun at the range from America’s best manufacturers. And we’ve got more than 5.56mm guns to choose from, that’s for certain. Bigger-bore .308s, 300 BLKs, .458 SOCOMs and more are fully covered in this complete guide to what’s new in the world of AR firepower.

When it comes to stock options, author Robert A. Sadowski is your guide. He writes, “AR stock designs have come a long way since the original, old-school M16A2 fixed stock. If you’re a smaller-statured shooter or need to wear a lot of clothing/gear, consider a collapsible stock. A fixed stock might make sense if you’re shooting at longer distances and have the time to settle in for a long shot and do not require extra maneuverability. Remember that the lower receiver is the part of the AR regulated and considered the firearm by federal law. When making modifications, makes sure they abide your state and local laws.”

Need optics and sights? Then read on to get the best targeting aids on the market. As you’ll find inside this issue of AR RIFLEMAN: “The built-in Picatinny rails on flattop uppers offer numerous mounting positions for things that’ll get you and your AR on target. Optics are now the norm on battle rifles and carbines. Red dots and reflex sights offer quick target acquisition, and magnified optics allow a shooter to reach out and make long shots count. Here’s a peek at what’s available—for your eyes and your rifle—on the market today!”

To learn more for your AR needs, check out the 2015 issue of AR RIFLEMAN, available on newsstands and digitally Oct. 28, 2015. To purchase a copy, go to

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