Sleek, fast-handling Yankee Hill Machine SLR is crafted for stealth, 300 Blackout counterstrikes!

The 300 AAC Blackout cartridge, or 300 BLK, has taken the firearms industry by storm because of its power and suppressor-ready design. Yankee Hill Machine, a company that has always focused on quality and affordability, is now offering a new rifle, the SLR, for this breakthrough chambering. In the February 2014 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, author David Bahde goes hands on to wring out the SLR.

According to Bahde, “YHM’s newest forend design is the SLR (Slim, Light, Railed). It is available in several lengths and two primary configurations: railed and smooth. Quad-railed versions remain narrow and lightweight, with built-in rails at 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions. Smooth models have a fixed top rail with rail attachment points along the other three positions. Rails can be attached as desired in various lengths…. SLR rifles will be equipped with this forend, along with other quality YHM parts,” such as its 16-inch, 1-in-8-inch-twist barrel, 7075-T6 aluminum receivers, M4 feed ramps, QDS sights and YHM Phantom muzzle brake.

To read Bahde’s full range test, running the SLR with a Phantom sound suppressor to test its reliability, check out the February 2014 issue of Guns & Weapons for Law Enforcement, available on newsstands and digitally November 26, 2013. To subscribe, go to

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