The Pro-Mag PLUS is the Big Boy when it comes to protection. The new PLUS model with the Pro-Form leather ear seals has an industry highest NRR of 33. The Pro-Mag PLUS Dimension model is designed for high noise situations or shooting in an enclosed area such as indoor ranges, shoot houses, very high caliber loads, demolitions, etc. Pro-Mag Dimension PLUS units will become a favorite choice for use by Range Masters/Instructors or anyone exposed to an extraordinary degree of loud noise. The DLSC circuitry means the officers will hear everything with the clearest, most natural sound quality ever captured, yet be protected against the dangerous sounds of explosions and weapon discharges

All Pro-Mag PLUS models are 7/10ths of an inch larger in cup size than the Pro-Slim PLUS models to accommodate additional insulation for greater sound attenuation. The new Pro-Mag PLUS models have the highest attenuation of all the models we offer with an NRR of 33, also note NRR 33 is the highest in the industry of any electronic hearing product. Available colors: Black and OD Green. The Pro-Mag PLUS weight with batteries is 14.6 oz.

Also available in DIMENSION 2™:
Everything in DIMENSION 1 plus Receiver/Input capabilities for AM/FM Radio, MP3 players, CD players, and other consumer electronic devices accepting a standard 3.5 mm mini jack.

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The Pro-Mag PLUS is the Big Boy when it comes to protection. The new…