The popularity of AR-based rifles has spurred the development of countless solid choices. Now, you can get pretty much anything you want or need, for any given purpose or operational environment. In general the AR platform is more accurate, better built and more reliable than it has been in years past. But while choices are always good, they can make it difficult for manufacturers to set themselves apart—it is, in fact, harder to find rifles that are substandard than ones that are stellar. You can only build a rifle so well, but Proof Research has brought something to the table that most others have not: carbon-fiber–wrapped barrels.

Proof Research offers custom-built AR rifles in several calibers, in both the AR-15 and AR 7.62 platforms. Each is built, one at a time, in Proof’s state-of-the-art facility with a carbon-fiber–wrapped steel barrel. Billet upper receivers are mated to matching lower receivers, providing the best stability and consistent accuracy. The company prefers using monolithic designs, but builds can be completed to customer specifications. The rifles can be had with extended triggerguards and ambidextrous controls and come with match-grade internals and standard Geissele triggers.

The barrel length is specified by the customer, with twist rates matching the caliber and other critical specifications. The barrel can be crowned or threaded for a suppressor or other muzzle device on request. Match-grade chambers provide the best possible accuracy with consistent and reliable operation. Gas-tube lengths vary with caliber and are low profile and designed for excellent operation. Magpul stocks and pistol grips are standard, and optics, red-dots and other sighting systems can be added per the customer’s request. Rings and mounts are primarily from LaRue Tactical.

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The popularity of AR-based rifles has spurred the development of countless solid choices. Now,…