Owing to the cartridge’s relative newness in commercial circles, few shooters realize that the .338 Lapua Mag will be 24 years old this year. The Dutch Army’s procurement of the round in 1989 established it as a NATO cartridge, and Accuracy International’s chambering of rifles for .338 Lapua helped proliferate it throughout military sniping circles. The load’s commercial availability and adoption by several commercial firearms manufacturers have set the course for its widespread use.

As a cartridge for long-range sniping engagements, the .338 Lapua Mag has few equals: Corporal of Horse Craig Harrison, using his Accuracy International L115A3 rifle in .338 Lapua, set a record in November 2009 with a 2,707-yard kill in Afghanistan; the late Chief Petty Officer Chris Kyle had a 2,100-yard kill with his McMillan Tac-338 in the Iraq War.
With the goal of building a reli­able long-range rifle system, Proof Research made the shrewd decision
a textured OD green finish.

Proof’s T6 action bears a lot of resemblance to a Remington 700, but there are some differences. The bolt is spiral fluted and fitted with an ultra-reliable M16-style extractor. The top of the receiver is fitted with a 20-MOA Picatinny rail, and the bottom metal is made by Badger Ordnance. The beefed-up action appropriately includes a detachable, vertical-stack, five-shot box magazine made by Accuracy International. A sought-after feature on sniper rifles, a forward-activated, paddle magazine release is included on the TAC II and allows the shooter to drop the magazine without releasing the primary hand grip. The index finger can activate the magazine release without removing the hand from the stock. The TAC II comes from the factory with your choice of either a Jewell or Timney trigger. The rifle tested wore a Jewell fire control unit, and the trigger broke crisply and cleanly at a precise 2 pounds. The bolt release differs from a Remington Model 700 action. Instead of a release incorporated into the trigger unit, the release is on the rear left side of the action. This is the same bolt release found on other custom or semi-custom actions made by Defiance Machine of Columbia Falls, Montana.

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