PROTECH® Tactical expands its premier line of carriers with the introduction of the side-opening CAV™ (Core Assault Vest). The new design focus for the CAV core platform creates a high-speed carrier that combines the standard desirable features required by tactical teams with the ability to customize the vest based on individual preferences. In addition, the CAV is manufactured utilizing a streamlined and efficient design that reduces material waste translating into a cost-savings to the end user without any compromise to performance.

The standard CAV package features front and back overlapping ballistic protection and a low-profile 6-inch elastic side-closure system to provide an optimum fit for each wearer. The standard carrier is equipped with front and back modular webbing attachment system to accommodate PROTECH Tactical TP pouches and accessories, as well as plate pockets on the front and back to hold 10” x 12” type III or type IV hard armor plates.

For teams that require 360° pouch attachment capability, the versatile CAV can be upgraded by purchasing the optional outer cummerbund kit which includes:
· an outer cummerbund with modular webbing
· a split modular webbing platform required to secure the outer cummerbund to the vest while also providing the ability for left- or right-handed doffing.

The CAV can also be upgraded with an extensive offering of ballistic accessories including:
· a ballistic collar and throat protector
· ballistic shoulders
· a pair of ballistic upper arm (bicep) protectors
· a standard ballistic groin protector or an enhanced, diamond-shaped groin protector for greater femoral artery protection

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