PROTECH Tactical’s new line of multi-purpose vests consists of the TAC PR, the TAC LB and the TAC PH.  All three vests are engineered and designed to meet and exceed the needs of first responders and law-enforcement officers in tactical situations.

Each of the new vests comes fully equipped with the features that allow users to execute their jobs effectively and safely. Full MOLLE attachments, front and back plate capabilities and adjustable straps for quick deployment are just some of the features that make the TAC PR, TAC LB and TAC PH ideal for first responders and others who may find themselves in dangerous tactical situations.

The TAC PR (plate rack) makes it simple to upgrade protection with bottom loading 10” x 12” front and back rifle plates, Full MOLLE attachment platforms, adjustable and padded shoulder straps and a unique sliding MOLLE belt gives the TAC PR superb adjustability and 360-degree usability. .

The TAC LB (load bearing) (shown) incorporates many of PROTECH’s tactical armor design features:  A front-opening non-ballistic vest, a full MOLLE attachment platform with front and back hard armor plate capabilities and dual, non–slip retention pads.

The TAC PH (plate harness) is an affordable load-carrying system, well suited to first-responder needs. It features full MOLLE attachment platforms, adjustable shoulder straps, Velcro® identification attachments and front and back plate harnesses.

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