Bob Starkman spent 28 years dealing with criminal organizations as a state and Federal law enforcement officer. When he first saw what Protect-All’s AV-360º video camera could do, he was amazed: “I can’t tell you how many times my teams could have benefited from real-time video surveillance as we built our cases. This system is just terrific.”

protectall-1.gifThe AV360 is a newly designed patented 360-degree camera built into the rearview mirror. You simply replace your old mirror with the innovative documentation and/or surveillance system to begin recording activity outside and inside the vehicle (360 degrees) by activating a switch. The AV360 package features zoom lenses, 2 channel audio, 8 channel DVR, real time recording and transmission of video, GPS and monitor. An optional vehicle tracking system is available with one minute updates and a 10 second emergency update. The video image can appear as four quadrants or can be zoomed in on one specific quadrant.

protectall-2.gifThe AV360 comes in the following standard models: Overt (top picture) – models for marked police and security vehicles, also used for commercial applications, and Covert (bottom picture) – unmarked police vehicles for surveillance, undercover operations and detective interviews. This model is also great for commercial vehicles with covert applications, armored cars, etc. Both models have encrypted video recording, which along with the system’s hardware, are tamper-proof. The officer/driver can view the live video while it is being recorded, through their computer or monitor. It can transmit live video to headquarters, your main office or a cell phone. The DVR has a removable hard drive or it can be wirelessly uploaded.

The system is currently in use by several Police Departments, Federal Agencies, Security Firms, Private Investigators and commercial firms, such as Federal Express. The AV360 camera system was developed and patented by retired NYC Police Detective Joe Mazzilli. After years of undercover work, Joe perfected these devices for use by all law enforcement and security agencies.

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