I’ve long had an affinity for the Heckler & Koch roller-delayed blowback system. Ten or more years ago, the weapon of choice for most SWAT cops was the HK MP5. I once took an MP5A2 with me to the HK Master Submachine Gun Operator school, and it stayed with me until I replaced it with a 5.56mm HK53. The HK53 remains one of my favorite entry rifles. It is compact, incredibly reliable, accurate and is easy to control in any firing mode.
Over the years, I’ve owned and even deployed a few of the 7.62mm NATO variants. The first occasion was when I’d taken in a couple of HK G3 rifles for my PD. Later on, I had the chance to field an MSG-90 and even a PSG1. As semi-auto rifles in large calibers go, these were excellent: They were reliable, their iron sights remain some of the best for targeting, and depending on the model, they could be quite accurate. They were also well suited to those in need of a longer-range patrol rifle. A few agencies deployed them, only re­placing these semi-autos when AR platforms became popular. The MSG-90 and PSG1 remain an excellent choice, but HK variants are for the most part relegated as collectors’ pieces. However, thanks to PTR Industries, this is changing.

Gun Details

PTR Industries has really revitalized HK-type rifles that utilize the roller-delayed blowback operating system. The company offers the G3-based PTR91 in 17 variations to fit practically every need. The rifles vary from a mil-spec version to a full-blown MSG91 accurized DMR. The standard, fixed A2 stock and the telescoping A3 are also available, and you can even get a PTR91 with an AR-type collapsible stock. The receivers are made on original HK-licensed machinery to German military specifications. PTR91s can be ordered with the original rounded receiver top, which accepts all original HK mounts, or they can have a rail welded to the top. The trigger mechanisms are all made in the U.S. with metal internals. PTR also uses American-made barrels that are match-grade, fluted and built to the highest standards.

All PTR91 rifles retain the excellent HK sighting system—one of the best sighting systems ever devised—with a hooded front post and rotary diopter rear sight. To ensure reliable operation, PTR91s are delivered with original G3 magazines and accept all G3-pattern magazines. For those in need of a railed forend, PTR Industries offers a fully machined, American-made handguard.

For more information, visit or call 860-676-1776.

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