Several years ago, I was hunting pheasant in southern Idaho with Ken Turner, a long-time friend and hunting companion. While taking a break to eat lunch, I admired Ken’s .30-06 Remington Model 760 pump-action rifle. It was his “go-to” rifle for deer, elk, pronghorn and other game. While I was examining the rifle, with an empty chamber but the magazine still loaded, Ken said, “Hey, look at that.”

I glanced in the direction he was pointing in time to see a coyote crossing the gravel road some 200 yards away. Without thinking, I slammed the pump handle back and forth as I raised the rifle to my shoulder. Taking hasty aim through the 4X scope, I fired a 150-grain bullet in the coyote’s direction. I wasn’t surprised when the animal disappeared. I’d fired in a hurry from the off-hand position, not really expecting to connect.

Once we’d finished lunch, we drove down the road to the next likely patch of pheasant cover. I nearly drove over the coyote, which was lying stone dead in the middle of the road. My bullet had hit him in the head. Yes, that was mostly dumb luck, but it gave me a new perspective on Ken’s favorite hunting rifle.

“I honestly prefer this pump over all the other rifles in my safe,” he said. “It’s dead-on accurate for hunting deer, and it allows a fast follow-up shot if needed. It also balances nicely in my hands and is plenty accurate for 250-yard shooting.”

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